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Authorized / Historic / Baptist

Being “authorized” or “historic” means that this church has a parent church. Our parent church had a parent church, etc.. that goes back to the church that Jesus started. We did not just put a sign up and call our self a church. An existing Baptist church gave us the authority to start. We were “authorized” by an existing Baptist church.

Independent / Unaffiliated

Baptist churches originally had no associations, boards, or fellowships that were used to send out their missionaries. However, in the process of time, these various organizations were formed. They are not part of the church but are external organizations that some Baptist churches use. Our church never joined any of these organizations. Our missionaries are managed 100% by our church. We are “independent” of these agencies; we are not a part of an association, board, or fellowship.


The “fundamentals” of a body of principles are the “essential part of, a foundation or basis; basic; underlying” (

There are fundamentals of basketball, music, etc. Being “fundamental” in any field is a way of thinking and using basic, foundational laws to give success in a field. Being “fundamental” in general sense means to be logical, reasonable, rationale, correct and right. For us as a church, it means that we are consistent in our view and application of the Bible. For example, a few of the foundational doctrines in the Bible are:

  • the Scriptures are completely without error.
  • the universe was created in six, 24-hour days.
  • the literal Virgin Birth of Christ.
  • the Blood Atonement of Jesus Christ, God’s Only Son for the sins of mankind.
  • Christ’s literal bodily resurrection from the dead and ascension back to Heaven.
  • Christ’s literal and bodily return to earth to judge the wicked, called the Second Coming.